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Merchants: you may issue Power-BUYBuy℠ Discounted Voucher coupons to customers on this web site. We bring "Closed-Sales" customers to your doors, as customers would buy your discounted vouchers from this website and GoboWeb will send you the Payment for your vouchers minus only 15%. (While others charges 50%!!!)
Your Power-BUYBuy℠ discounted Voucher coupons will be viewable and "buy-able" throughout the entire GoboWeb Network of web sites. You must first join the GoboWeb MerchantPlus℠ Club in order to be able to post your own business unlimited discounted vouchers for sale here. Join the MerchantPlus℠ Club Now

Note: Product image and barcode image are optional for issuing your Voucher coupons. You may upload a product image (optional) and a barcode image for your coupons, however for the barcode image you must observe the follwing maximum image size guidelines:
Barcode image Max size: W=102 pixels H = 50 pixel. 

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