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Thank you for your interest in VentCAP™, as you can see in the pictures below, the junk that comes out through your vent into your home in an apartment building or your condo is just disgusting and plain and simple unhealthy. The good old stories you hear about why the building or apartment management cannot address the filty air duct dirt clutter is due to the building being old, or a it will cost a fortune to have someone come to clean the ducts in the build. Now the worry is over, with VentCAP™ you can control what comes through your heat vent into your unit without affecting the airflow in your home or Apartment; VentCAP™ solves the problem, snap (auto-cling) on onto each of your vents in your home.

The VentCAP™ is a vacuumable, washable vent cover that would protect you and your family for a long time. To order your VentCAP™ simply click on the Add to Cart button below. VACUM IT OR WASH IT then put it back onto the vent, nice & easy, PROTECT YOUR LUNGS, YOUR HEALTH IS NOT A JOKE.



Model VTCSH2019
Price $20.00


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