Have you ever given up your plane seat to a travelling pilot in gratitude?

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I would like to share one of my experiences as a pilot.

It was raining heavily, in the distance I could see a ground traffic assistant running towards the aircraft without an umbrella.

He was fully drenched; he had brought the trim sheet(a document that helps the pilot in assessing the load of the aircraft) with him inside a polythene bag. I asked him to come inside the aircraft, he politely refused saying that he would wet the area. I told him that it was ok if the place gets wet and made him sit inside.

I asked the girls to get something to wipe his wet hair and offered him coffee. He told me that the coffee was too hot and since the flight was already late he didn’t want to further delay it. I agreed and let him go; I gave him a couple of sets of news papers to protect himself from the rain.

 Almost 20 years later I was employed with a private airline then. I was on a trip home and I had an IA air ticket, it was not confirmed and I learnt that the flight was fully booked. It was 9 pm in the night; the counter was full of people waiting for last minute cancellations. The staff at the counter went away and the crowd gasped, a gentle arm touched me and asked me “Captain, are you waiting to go by this flight” to which I answered yes, he was a 40 year old man. He asked me to wait near the security area he collected the ticket from me and went away. Soon counter closed for the day.

The man walked up to me and handed over a boarding pass, I thanked him profusely and asked for his name. He told me that he was the traffic assistant to whom I had offered coffee on a wet rainy day and newspapers to cover his head. He also told me that most of the Captains would only yell at him for bringing in the trim sheet late. He said that he could never forget me for my soft spoken and kind nature. As I moved on, he told me loudly that I should never have left the airline that I worked for previously. I gave him a big smile; tears welled up in my eyes pondering over what he had said for what he said was true. The more things change the more they remain the same. Connect with yourself, connect with your surrounding as life is a moving circle as all the connected parts move along with you. You cannot help another human without helping yourself, you cannot hurt another human without hurting yourself.

A good deed is never lost.

This article was published on:
Saturday, May 25, 2019

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