Internet – The Information Superhighway the “Gold mine-rush” for 300 years ahead.

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Little did I know, I got introduced to the Internet, I was scared of the computer because I didn’t want to hit any key which would break the thing. Nevertheless, I overcame the fear and delved into it and now I am so deeply into the Internet I can hardly sleep at times. Think about it, most of us dream of walking on the street and stumbling upon a bag containing millions of dollars in $100.00 denomination, that no one claims, and that we could keep in a safe place and slowly, start spending and living our dream life; well, the Internet is a that “street” or better yet a wider street or let’s call it the super highway filled with trunks of gold, diamonds and any other precious and money you could imagine and all free to grab for those interested and willing to do the grabbing.


First it started with the academia needing to communicate amongst various departments geographically spread out, then it probably went to the military then after that it was made available to the general public arena.

Imagine a wonderland like in the movies where a teenager broke into an abandoned house then accidently leaned against a door which he thought would lead him to the basement of the house but instead that door leads to a whole new dimension i.e. a new world where anywhere he turns there are plenty, of everything he could dream of, from expensive jewelry to expensive fast cars to most beautiful women, money, food, you name it he could have it; so the teenager started picking the items he wants and lo and behold in such a short period of time his arms are full, his house is full of free stuff he could collect for himself, and the more he collects the more he realizes there’s more to have but he cannot have it all as there’s only limited space in his house to take all those wonderful things to. Thus, our dear teenager must choose what he wants to have very carefully and since it is free, he can have as much of any specific thing he wants as it is JUST THERE up for grabs.

For those who live in the U.S. you or someone you know is a victim of the so-called Nigerian phishing also known as the 419 email scams. In these email scams the perpetrators put out an email to a bunch of people, and pretend to be a Nigerian prince who inherited somewhere like $500,000,000.00 and hope that one of the email recipient would help him in the transfer of these funds to a U.S. bank as he does not trust his local bank in Nigeria for the safe keep of the funds; if the email recipient would help him with a successful fund transfer to a U.S. back then that person would receive anywhere from 25,000,000 to $75,000,000.00. Who wouldn't want to help a rich prince secure his rightful inheritance and for that price, a whole bunch of unsuspecting people fell for it; (after all most American fell for it because most of them probably watched the movie “Coming to America” where an African prince came to New York City neighborhood of Queens to find his bride). The scammers in these 419 email scenarios are like the teenager above mentioned, they entered the “world of plenty” and they have siphoned tens of billions of dollars throughout the years and despite the local authority’s crackdown on them those scams are still happening; why? Because it is true that the information super highway a.k.a. the Internet is still lined up with goodies beyond one’s imagination.

Then came the wireless technology as a result of the need of the humans to be mobile, we do not want to be bugged down to an office, we want to be able to tap into the network from anywhere we want; as a result the device connectivity security concerns have spurred and slough of industries whose infrastructure solely based on the wireless communication; the data inscription industry, the Virtual Private Network developers all are multi-billion dollar industries that are “grabbing” as much out of the Information super highway a.k.a. the Internet. It is estimated that the encryption industry revenues would exceed $15 billion by 2024 and they are grabbing like the teenager above-mentioned, the goodies are there, why not grab what they can.

No other fields have been more disrupted by the information superhighway than manufacturing and the distribution of goods and services. Twenty-five years or so ago, the shopping mall concept where “it”, the shopping center complex developer companies built shopping centers across nations and the model then was “if you build it they would come”; then came the booming Information superhighway that says “not so fast” to the shopping center models. 20 years or so, I would go in the shopping mall and tried to convince the small business owners who were paying exorbitant amount for monthly rent for their store in the mall to get into the internet with their business, but they were reluctant to listen till it is too late. When shoppers physical security in mall became a concern as most shopping centers across America at least were so worried about political correctness that they could not maintain a safe environment at the shopping centers thus customers stop coming, businesses in the mall stopped selling, thus could no longer afford the rent and there went the shopping center business model.

We then have see the surge of Amazon and its effort to dominate the distribution market. The superhighway is so wide open and it appears that there is no limit to what Amazon can accomplish, and with the revenues coming in Amazon has so diversified in so many arena that would blow one’s mind when a thoughtful analysis is done, so far the only competitor on the horizon for Amazon is  which is a global yet local marketplace for every county. According to Investopedia, Amazon sales revenue reached 123 billion in 2018.

Technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Apple DeLL, Google, and Facebook (to name a few) all are major players in the information superhighway world and they do understand the concept of “abundance” and “free to grab” on the information superhighway and they all are investing heavily to be able to rake-in as much as they can since it appears that real wealth accumulation is limitless on this superhighway. These companies after their initial business mission is met, they all venture into the careful picking of what they really want out of this limitless information superhighway. We all have seen or are aware of the following concepts

  • A cell phone which no longer is a communication device
  • Google Assistant
  • Alexa and Siri
  • Cloud computing, Computer with no hard drive


Are any of these business above different from the Nigerian 419 email scammers? How do we know?
When one considers the cell phone it might have originally started as a device to help the device owner communicate with another person, but now we all can agree that the cell phone is serving the provider or the manufacturer more than the owner who spent money purchasing the device. Is the cell phone manufacturer taking advantage of the owner without the owner knowing just like the Nigerian 419 scammers?

Google Assistant and Alexa, Amazon Echo, are those devices serving the user or they are serving the provider who is exploiting the user’s naiveté? Are they listening in to my conversation about my new idea or my new invention and before I finalize my invention or idea they themselves would already come up with the finished product or the finish concept because they have money and have taken the user’s idea without permission via those devices? As the cellphone is in the hands for billions of people worldwide, if the device is sending phone communication and/or ambient conversation back to the “provider”, are these companies just like the above-mentioned teenager in the wonderland, now exposed to limitless FREE “market-research results” where they can pick and choose what they want to “grab” as a wealth accumulation? You know the answer,

Humans across the globe have been convinced and are sometimes forced to adopt the cloud computing infrastructure; all in the name of tapping into the power of mass computing redundancy and speed. Humans are now slowly being coerced to relinquish their control of their data to the so-called cloud computing environment where they convey data security etc; but they fail to let people know that behind the so-called Cloud computing environment are humans with desire and free will. Now all the big players in the cloud computing field are setting themselves up to be the “rest-area” of other people's business concepts, ideas, and aspirations all delivered to them naively by un-suspecting human they call their customers. When you look at the personal computing field, the user is now being convinced that it is in his/her best interest to send his electronic --documents assets to some place so far away with no accountability to anyone. God only know who gets access to these documents and what they do with them (we all know what they do with it!!!)

Free email is also another one, it has been so free that the user doesn’t even think that it is free, thus all users most personal or business communications are in email that are controlled by the owner of the platform such as Yahoo and google. When it is free, it is never free. Wouldn’t it be cool if 5 billion people share their dreams, aspirations and the business secret with you without being aware that they are sharing that with you? You get to “outsmart them” or better yet “419 them” just like the Prince in the hut in Nigeria.


The identity theft protection industry is also a multi-billion industry thanks to the information superhighway, whether they actually protect your identity or not they scare everyone to part themselves from their money for a service they may or may not need.


Watch out for the Internet 4.0 the Internet of things, you are no longer a human in that scenario, you are a digital ID with no privacy, as all of that digital ID and related data is out there on the information superhighway.

When they say the rich become richer, yes indeed, the become so rich and we cannot yet fathom how rich they can get as it is limitless as all human knowledge, dreams and aspirations are delivered on a silver plate to anyone, any company, any government who taps into the information superhighway who has the desire to pick and choose and the resources to collect utilize and deploy.

Live your life be happy and count your blessing as of now.

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Monday, December 23, 2019

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