The Diary of A Today African Child-slave

Is the life of Agathe or Adjo nothing but a series of misery and a case of a curse? everything started very well with a good family life and good financial conditions that could lead to an excellent education, a daily life full of joy and playfulness; a childhood almost perfect.

Unfotunately the parents that adored their daughter got married against the customary principles of their respective cultures. Their sudden death in a car accident sealed the destiny of Agathe.

Now Because she is young, a girl an orphan and a house maid, Agathe (or Adjo) like a flower in a forest of thorns would only find comfort in her nightly one-on-one conversation with Pamela her imaginary confident.

The Diary of a Today-African Child-slave is an out-cry from the heart, which shakes our deepest emotion invites all of us to be aware of the new form of slavery which claims as victims childrn that are labeled convently "house-maids".
Winner of France-Togo Literary Award in 2001
Translated by: Tino Adognravi

A Must read for Everyone!

By: Dissirama Boutora Takpa


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