_GoboWeb Business Club (GWBC) Membership

GoboWeb is the global Social Networking Community Engagement & Marketplace for Everyone. A fully integrated social networking community engagement and marketplace for Every City in each State in the US and for every Country, all under one umbrella: GoboWeb is published by Global Market Sales Co., U.S.A.


GoboWeb Business Club(GWBC) Membership Benefits:

In addition to all the general network Members benefits, GoboWeb Business Club Members are considered Super Affiliates who get the opportunity to adopt their favorite city's online community engagement & marketplace web portal within GoboWeb Network. GoboWeb is making available 3000(three thousand) cities' online Community Engagement & Marketplace web portal for its members to claim. The Business Club member promotes his/her adopted city's online community engagement & marketplace website and be the only person for that city to receive up to 40% commission on all Advertisement revenues generated from their claimed city online Community Engagement and marketplace web portal. To view your favorite City's community Engagement & marketplace Availability Click here
GoboWeb Business Club membership is only $249.00/year. with a one-time Setup fee of $10.00. 
Twelve month 100% Satisfaction garantee or your money back if not satisfied after the first 12 months of Business Club membership.

_GoboWeb MerchantPlus℠ Club

The GoboWeb MerchantPlus℠ Club membership allows Merchants or Businesses to offer discounted vouchers within the GoboWeb Network. The club member is able to post unlimited number of discounted vouchers for their own products or services for our network members to buy in advance. Upon successfull payment of your Discounted voucher, GoboWeb will submit payment to the merchant minus only 15% of the total sale amount. Our competitors charge 50%.

Also, the The GoboWeb MerchantPlus℠ Club membership allows Merchants or Businesses to sell their products or services through the GoboWeb Shopping Mall. Upon successful sale of your product/service from the Shopping Mall, GoboWeb sends you the Payment via PayPal minus 15%.

Membership to the MerchantPlus℠ Club is one-time $10.00 Setup fee plus $39.00/year

GoboWeb EventsPlus℠ Club

GoboWeb EventsPlus℠ Club membership allows you to not only post your events to the global event calendar but especially be able to sell tickets to your events directly to our network members on your event post-page. GoboWeb processes the ticket sales payments and will send you the net ticket sale amount minus 15%.

GoboWeb LandlordPlus℠ Club Membership

The GoboWeb LandlordPlus℠ Club membership allows Landlords to manage their tenants per property and run a Quick-Check-Tenant  search within the GoboWeb Network for a specific tenant prior to renting to that tenant. The club member is able to post reviews on their tenants (positive/negative with photo and documemt upload) and view reviews by other landlords on that potential new tenant.

Membership to the LandlordPlus Club is one-time $10.00 Setup fee plus $39.00/year

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