Why is the speed of Life one second shorter than the speed of light?

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     Gone the wait to find out if there is an afterlife, where do the soul go after death, such multitude of questions as such have troubled mankind since the beginning of ages. From the theoreticians to theologists the answer to what happens to man when his no longer “living” in the flesh called the body has had so many expressions from: man goes to heaven, man goes to hell, man goes to the underworld, man goes to the river, man goes to the air, man goes to the mountain top and on and on and on.

     So, what is it about life as we define it that intrigues humans to want to know where it went when the person is pronounced dead? First of all, life itself must be defined and then and only then that we can grasp the tip of the iceberg of what the phenomenon of “death” is all about.
For starters, let’s ask the proverbial question Who am I? most would answer that by saying their given name at birth; others may respond by saying their maiden name or their married name; some would say, I am a teacher, I am a lawyer, I am a doctor or mechanic. And then we ask: Is the lady who used to introduce herself with her maiden name the same person who now has another name because she is married? Is the school teacher who has been laid off due to budget cut in the school district the same person that is now a security team manager at a major league baseball stadium? Is there a fluidity to who we are or it’s only a perception that man is what he believes he is at any given time and at any given space(location)? I am doctor in my home country until the war, and now I am in a host country, where the language is different, all my credential document destroyed and no one gives a damn about who I say I am because, I am not able to prove to them that I am a doctor, but I am a doctor, a real one and I believe I am a doctor because I was until the war broke out, yet I am still the doctor but no one thinks I am now in my host country.

     So, should we define life as the “things we do” or as “the things others think we do”? If so then, for those humans who are not doing anything, as in if I don’t have a job, a profession or a hobby, if I do not participate in the production of goods and services, do I still have a life? Or, because I do have a husband and kids then do I have a life? So, what is it? For the injured ones in the hospitals who can only actively blink their eyes, are they alive; better yet, if he or she cannot even blink but still have a heart beat and brain functions, are they alive? Ah! Some would say there’s the answer, brain functions! so is it fair to assert that when all brain functions are intact we can be thought of as being alive or have life in us? As we all know one of the agreed upon functions of the brain is thinking, and also the agreed upon dwelling of the mind is the brain, of which the French mathematician and philosopher René Descartes clearly formalized the following “I think therefore I am”, really? So, if I do not think, then what? And what is inside of the human being that represents the “being alive” or “having  life? Where is it located, how big is the “I” inside a human’s body? Is the “I” a substance in the body, or is it a local spot in the body, is it liquid or solid, which shape is the “I” in the human body, is it round, square or fluffy to pick a few shapes? Is the “I” in the human body a thought? And whose thought would that be, the given human’s own though or the other human-observers’ thought? In other words, if I think of you that you are a human being because I convince myself that there is an “I” in you, would you consider me similarly as a human being with my own “I” in me? So far, science and religion cannot yet answer those questions with any similitude of certainty. So why are we still asking the same questions over and over again? The point is there is no answer period. What is life, is a relative concept meaning whatever one considers life is what it is, that’s why you see a whole bunch of human condoning such human practices like abortion, wars, genocide and the so called ethnic cleansing and human trafficking to name a few.

     We are aware that planet earth rotates on its axis every 24 hours and simultaneously circles the sun every 365 days give or take a day or two and at the speed of 18.5 miles/second; wow! That is fast thus if we imagine the huge body of matter such as earth moving at a speed of 18.5 miles/s, it must be true that the revolution of earth around the sun must produce such a loud noise into space and one must wonder why human do not hear that noise? Why does earth and the other cosmic bodies must have such speed to keep up and maintain what human would call the interplanetary balance or equilibrium?
     Well I am here to tell you that speed or better yet velocity is everything. When we are “alive” as i.e. in control of our physical body, humans do not hear the real noises that is inherent to the universe, humans do not feel the rotation of earth on its axis at approximately 1000 miles/hour.

     Notice and remember this; at the time of you checking out of your body the final time, you will feel that velocity, all that noise as your would feel you have been sucked into a vacuum at a speed that only then you would know existed, and your will hear all that noise within space itself because then you become one with the VELOCITY as velocity is you; whatever you identified or called yourself as throughout the years is only velocity that slowed down into matter(or the body) you have called your name for that many years you have been on earth. At the time of checking out of your body, transitioning into that velocity is the best feeling you would ever experience; the faster it gets, the faster it gets. That’s one reason in general when humans selects to check out of their body the final time, they don’t want to come back, as the ride is too good to slow it down.

     Humans do not die, they only speed up to be synchronized with the speed of light however their speed is always one second slower then the speed of life thus the pursue to catchup with the speed of light is a perpetual one; thus, human never comeback after “death”.

This article was published on:
Friday, July 13, 2018

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