To Lead or Not to Lead

Anthony Amesron
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To Lead or Not to Lead!

The American woman’s dilemma on American culture
 The “One-Week-no-Sex**-strike” recommendation.

For a couple of years now I have observed the trend in the grooming of American younger generation that has gone from loose jean pants to now really showing one’s full underwear to the world and that is the pure responsibility of the American woman. It has gotten to the point now that it seems that the message is now I don’t give a damn about myself, why should I give a damn about what you think of me attitude and all is in the hand of the American woman.

Why does it have to always come back to the woman to be responsible for young men, wearing their pants halfway to their thighs showing their underwear to the world while walking like someone with a sore genitals? Well, when you think about it, it is said that a high percentage of men intrinsically yearns to get the approval of the woman in their lives from their mothers to their sisters, girlfriends, wives, female teachers etc., thus in the normal traditional situation, the man that is about to leave the house would dress up appropriately, look in the mirror, and would know that he about to leave the house with pride to “represent” the household he was coming out of; then came the rap music in the 90s and the trend of SAGIN (Spelled backward NIGAS) which is wearing one’s pants loosely below the waist line. For those who were concerned then, everyone started attributing that sagging phenomenon to the gangster Rap music as it was thought that the young Americans especially the African American youngsters were imitating their favorite Rap artist.

So, for those who care enough to notice some talk about the issues amongst their friends, but I have never encounter any American male or female that had the courage to tell a youngster to pull up his pants. It almost feels like the American is either scared of the American youngster or they don’t care enough or just don’t give a damn whether is their own son or nephew it doesn’t matter. So why is it coming to the American woman to be held responsible for the perpetuation of the young man (sometimes not so young man) shamelessly showing his butt to the world in nasty underwear?

First what woman would allow their sons to leave the house showing their underwear to the world? Excuses such as “he won’t listen to me” is no longer acceptable as you either the mother of the child or you’re not, being a mother is not only having giving birth to the child but also to raise him; His father is not in the picture is also not a valid excuse for allowing one ’son to get out of the house displaying his behind to the world. When and if you love your son, the woman must be able to tell the son, that showing one’s behind to the world if not sexy, it is not gentleman like and pure disgusting. How can any woman would call any man a boyfriend, husband brother, cousin, which man would be walking around showing no respect for the self nor any respect for the people around him? It seems, the American woman have given up, doesn’t give a damn, doesn’t care enough about the young American to require a bare minimum standard; and don’t talk to me about “it’s a style!” that would be non-sense.

It is sad to see at times a young lady, nicely dressed and walking alongside a young man that seems does not appreciate the effort the lady put into grooming herself to look good next to him and him instead, is showing his underwear to the world, and I wonder how does this well dressed lady tolerate such behavior, is it she does not see, is it she does not care, is it she is so desperate for a man that show behind or not show behind doesn’t make any difference. You women reading this do you see this matter as an issue or it doesn’t matter to you neither? If it is an issue, I believe that the American woman has a job to do; in fact, the American woman has an assignment from today. You must lovingly ask any young man showing their behind to world to pull up their paints and tighten their belt, you must demand that. And if that does not work, I now declare open the Pus**-strike as I can guaranty that if all the American women go on one week-no-sex-strike the problem of young men disgustingly showing their behind to the world will end; only then the American woman will lead.

What do you think?

This article was published on:
Saturday, April 29, 2017

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